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Zarnata Castle

Castle Zarnata is built on the northwest border of Mani, near the town of Campos Abia, on a hill amid fertile valley. It is considered one of the most historical castles in the region. The castle allegedly constructed in the 17th century, probably on the ruins of an older castle, in place of an ancient…
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Top American Newspaper praises Mani!

The famous Kalogria beach   The "Washington Post", one of the most important newspapers in America, reported on its website with incredible words about the beauty of our region. The author of the article Roberto Loiederman presented his experience he had with his family when they decided to spend a short vacation in our country,…
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“Faraggi tou Fonea” (Foneas Gorge)

Foneas beach   "Foneas Gorge" or "Noupantis Gorge" starts from the Monastery of Vaidenitsas to end up after 8 kilometers at the Foneas beach which is placed between Stoupa and Kardamili. The name "Noupanti" is said to come from the meetings ("συναπαντήματα" in Greek, pronounced "sinapantimata") that took place there when a matchmaking was in…
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Nikos Kazatzakis and Alexis Zorbas were met in Mani

The hero of Kazantzakis' "Zorbas" was not fictitious but a person who lived in the region of Messinia and his real name was George Zorbas. He was the hero of the film "Zorba the Greek", which the script is based on the novel "Life and Times of Alexis Zorbas" by Nikos Kazantzakis. Zorba the Greek…
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