Zarnata Castle


Castle Zarnata is built on the northwest border of Mani, near the town of Campos Abia, on a hill amid fertile valley. It is considered one of the most historical castles in the region. The castle allegedly constructed in the 17th century, probably on the ruins of an older castle, in place of an ancient citadel.

The opinions concerning the origin, differ. There are many who claim to have been built by Franks, others believe that it was built by the Venetians, and others by Turks. The latter, of course, seems to be the most prevalent, and several sources refer its founder as the Vizier Ahmed-Kioupourli.

The castle was used extensively during the Greek Revolution. It is noteworthy that in this castle fought Theodoros Kolokotronis, who had been called to help Panagiotis Koumoundourakis, Bey of Mani when he was deposed and Turks and Mani people turned against him.

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